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Aeris, Wisepill improve medication management via IoT

Wisepill Technologies has developed smart pillboxes to provide real-time medication management solutions

Aeris, an U.S.-based provider of end-to-end M2M communications and IoT service provider and Wisepill Technologies, a South African provider of medication adherence management solutions, have announced a cooperation agreement to help pharmaceutical businesses and healthcare organizations around the world improve medication management for their patients through IoT-enabled smart pillboxes.

Wisepill Technologies is the creator of the Wisepill dispenser, a pillbox with a global systems for mobile communications (GSM) chip that uses a mobile phone and IoT technologies enabled by Aeris to provide real-time medication management solutions.

Wisepill was founded in 2007 to tackle the challenging problem of medication non-adherence in both developed and developing countries.

The Wisepill electronic pillbox monitors patient adherence and provides instant feedback via cellular and IoT technologies. The Wisepill system was created to remind users only when they forget to take their medicine.

Wisepill has been used by patients with tuberculosis, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), epilepsy, osteoporosis, chronic heart conditions, diabetes, leukemia, asthma, attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), and hepatitis C in more than 20 countries.

The Wisepill system also has been used by research organizations and universities to monitor adherence for research purposes.

“Wisepill Technologies is excited to provide a truly global data solution to our clients enabled by Aeris and its IoT connectivity services. This partnership with Aeris means that Wisepill can provide an awesome customer experience in every corner of the globe,” Ricci Marshall, owner and director, Wisepill Technologies, said.

“Aeris is an internet of things industry leader and through our work with Wisepill Technologies we are helping enable their clients, pharmaceutical businesses and healthcare organizations around the world to use IoT technologies and improve their adherence to medication management,” Raj Kanaya, chief marketing officer and managing director of automotive, Aeris, and CEO, Aeris Japan, said.

Aeris has local operations in the U.S, Europe, India and Japan.

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