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IoT software merger could streamline smart home

Two makers of internet of things software are joining forces in order to make it easier for connected appliances to communicate with one another. Dallas-based Prodea, founded and run by former astronaut Anousheh Ansari, is buying Silicon Valley’s Arrayent for an undisclosed amount.

Prodea has been developing IoT software since 2006. The company bills its solutions as carrier grade platforms, and its customers include telecom companies, governments, utilities and healthcare organizations. Now the company wants to extend its reach to consumer appliances and help those appliances communicate with one another.

Arrayent’s platform is used to connect home appliances. Partners include Whirlpool, Febreze Home, Pentair, OSRAM Sylvania, Maytag Commercial Laundry, LiftMaster, Schumacher, Salus, Braeburn, and Chamberlain. Arrayent has been in business since 2005 and has managed more than 1.5 million consumer products.

In addition to relationships with consumer brands, the acquisition will give Prodea a possible opportunity to connect to “home hub” devices like Amazon Echo and Google Nest, according to Arrayent.

Anousheh Ansari will be CEO of the combined company, and Arrayent CEO Cyril Brignone will be chief revenue officer. Brignone said the combined company will be able to offer “end-to-end services … to new and existing customers.”

Ansari started Prodea after selling Telecom Technologies to Sonus in 2000. She says she correctly predicted the shift to IP-based networks, and that she now sees a shift underway for the IoT.

“Just as we correctly predicted the evolution of communications networks by building the first globally deployed carrier-grade voice-over-IP platform, so too do we see a shift needed in the IoT industry,” said Ansari. “The IoT industry today is focused on connecting billions of devices and users, but it must evolve to enable meaningful services that drive business transformation and end-user value.”

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