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Analyst Angle: Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Edgeline 4000 Converged Edge System

Advances in IoT, broadband mobile with LTE and 5G, and cloud-native computing in scalable, high performance applications have stimulated the development of a new class of edge computing solutions for deployment ‘closer’ to users at the ‘edge’ of service provider networks.

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Solution overview: HPE’s Edgeline EL4000 is one of the industry’s first “Converged Edge Systems” – integrating unprecedented levels of compute, precision data capture and control, comprehensive security, device and systems management, as well as large and extremely fast storage – in a compact, converged 1U edge computing system. The rugged and compact EL4000 is designed to perform in harsher environments (extended operating temperatures from 0°C up to 55°C) with higher shock and vibration tolerances than are present in conventional data center deployments. It is perfectly suited for expanding Telco and IoT computing infrastructures to the edge and providing an open, robust platform for true edge computing.

The Edgeline 4000 is a high density 1U system that integrates a rich array of processing, networking, and storage options along with NEBS and ETSI certifications. The EL 4000 supports diverse application workloads with up to 4 (four) separate high density HPE ProLiant server cartridges. Power efficiency and performance are both enhanced by use of advanced system-on-a chip (SOC) implementations to streamline the operation of storage, networking and compute. Flexibility for integration into diverse application and cloud environments is supported through use of PCI Express, open Redfish platform management, and certified integration into OpenStack and VMware cloud management software – accelerating integration of edge applications into distributed and scalable cloud-native application services.

Distinguishing attributes of the Edgeline 4000 Series:

  • Modular high density compute cartridge options with HPE ProLiant m510 (Intel Xeon D 8- and 16-core options) and m710x (Intel Xeon E3 4-core with workstation-class GPU)
  • Two switched 10 Gb (SFP+) or two pass-through 4×10 Gb (QSFP+) Ethernet ports and Four USB 3.0 ports (one per server cartridge)
  • HPE iLO4 enterprise-class management processor with a dedicated RJ45 network port
  • Easy access for mounting, operations and servicing suitable for vertically-oriented and constrained-space settings in telco ‘huts’ and edge site wiring closets (in addition to mounting compatibility for more controlled, rack-mounted office and data center environments)
  • Integrated security to support large scale, distributed IoT applications
  • SDK for accelerated application development for IoT and 5G services
  • Broad partner ecosystem for rapid integration into diverse service delivery designs

Additional Information. Click here for additional information on HPE’s Edgeline 4000 and for information on the HPE Edgeline IoT System, click here.

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