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Analyst Angle: Cradlepoint NetCloud Platform – 4G-LTE routers and cloud-delivered services

Enterprises in multiple sectors such as retail, transportation, healthcare and manufacturing are connecting infrastructures and facilities into their IT environments more completely now than ever before. Municipalities, emergency teams and public-sector agencies are also equipping their vehicles and facilities to provide better services as ubiquitously as they can. In all of these cases, resilient, secure high performance networking is critical for delivering the services these organizations need to succeed.

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Solution Overview: The Cradlepoint NetCloud Platform consists of on-premises routers (branch, vehicle, m2m) and cloud-delivered services (management, networking, security). The routers provide a wide range of multi-WAN connectivity, including 4G/LTE, 3G, FirstNet, WiFi-as-WAN and Ethernet. For local area communications, the routers support Ethernet and WiFi (802.11ac with both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz). The routers provide advanced networking and security, and are utilized in a wide range

of fixed, mobile and nomadic applications throughout enterprise and the public sector. Products such as the COR 900 (shown here) are ruggedized for in-vehicle installation and operation in extended temperature ranges (-22o to 158o F).

The NetCloud platform also includes cloud-delivered services that are deeply integrated with the routers. NetCloud Manager provides health monitoring, configuration management, firmware upgrades, and data usage monitoring. NetCloud Perimeter provides an overlay private network utilizing endpoint clients and a “dark cloud” architectural approach, also known as a software-defined perimeter. The NetCloud Services (shown here) simplifies customer deployments and support seamless integration with 3rd party applications. NetCloud enables a customer to run the Cradlepoint network themselves – providing reliable access over multiple network providers – and also enables a network provider to employ the software and supply a complete application of their own.

Distinguishing Attributes of the Cradlepoint Premises-based, m2m/IoT and In-Vehicle Router Family.

  • Ruggedized for in-vehicle and demanding machine installation environments •
  • Wide range of 4G/LTE, 3G, WiFi wireless as well as wired Ethernet network interfaces
  • Multi-carrier operation providing automatic failover, load-balancing and increased throughput
  • Extensive security controls for protection of internal system and user data/traffic
  • Cloud-based software for simplified management + integration with customer applications

Operator Benefits: By deploying Cradlepoint’s family of premises-based, m2m/IoT and vehicle-based routers into their infrastructures, enterprise, public sector and service provider customers can:

  • Extend the reach of their networks to help more users benefit
  • Expand the services they deliver to their customers and users, increasing their value to their users and increasing revenue opportunities
  • Improve the quality and responsiveness of the services and operations they provide
  • Increase the efficiency of their operations by integrating more assets and procedures into streamlined, realtime controls
  • Enhance public safety by expanding the richness of information available to first responders

Additional Information. For additional information on Cradlepoint’s router and NetCloud product families, please visit cradlepoint.com

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