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German software giant SAP launches new set of IoT solutions

The new IoT offering is part of the German software firm’s Leonardo digital innovation system

German software firm SAP has launched several new internet of things (IoT) solutions as part of the SAP Leonardo digital innovation system.

The company said that these new IoT solutions take advantage of advances in big data and analytics, the ability to connect people, things and business with the SAP cloud platform, and technologies such as machine learning to enable IoT and Industry 4.0 strategies across digital logistics, manufacturing and asset management.

The new solutions include:
SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge, a configurable role-based digital command center which gives operations managers visibility and ability to act in real time;

SAP Global Track and Trace, a cloud-based offering for unified, end-to-end tracking, monitoring and reporting of objects and business processes across supply chain networks;

SAP Leonardo IoT Edge software to bring compute, storage and business semantics via the cloud to where intelligent devices reside outside of the data center;

SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights, a centralized, cloud-based manufacturing performance management solution that provides comprehensive visibility into manufacturing that enables process optimization;

SAP Asset Manager, a cloud-based mobile app for managing asset health, inventory, maintenance and safety.

“Less than one year ago, we announced our commitment to invest and grow our IoT business,” said Tanja Rueckert, president, IoT and digital supply chain, at SAP. “With SAP Leonardo as our digital innovation system, our new solutions, and the many customers and partners demonstrating real-life use cases with us at SAP Leonardo Live, we are defining the path to digital transformation with innovation that can scale across the entire organization.”

SAP also said that these solutions are intended to integrate with SAP’s portfolio to enable new scenarios such as outbound logistics. Using delivery, shipment, handling unit and vehicle number unit data from SAP Global Track and Trace, combined with information from SAP Connected Goods software such as pallet and container sensor data, information on transport location from the SAP Vehicle Insights application, and purchase order data from SAP S/4HANA software in core enterprise systems, SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge can provide cross-process, cross-system visibility enterprise-wide so that command center and operations leads can know exactly where a shipment is in transit, what is in the shipment, and the condition and performance of the vehicle, the software firm said.

SAP is co-innovating on digital logistics with companies around the globe, including The Bosch Group, a global supplier of technology and services. Bosch and SAP are collaborating on scenarios for delivery track and trace, exploring cloud-to-cloud integration with Bosch IoT Cloud. “By using sensors, we digitalize logistics,” said Matthias Huelsmann, vice president of connected logistics at Bosch. “In particular, we provide data services based on real-time location, auto-ID and condition data such as temperature and shock. This creates more transparency and new value-added services. In doing so jointly with SAP, we help transform our customers’ supply chains even faster.”

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