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Connected lighting as a platform for smart city sensors

New enLight smart city tool allows local governments to measure and monitor air quality from sensors mounted on lighting

British company enLight has announced the launch of its new Smart Cities Pilot Kit, designed to help councils and local authorities to monitor air quality. The smart city solution measures the key gasses responsible for poor air quality, but also overlays this data on other environmental factors such as traffic type and quantity, ambient temperature, humidity and barometric pressure.

The product combines a smart lighting upgrade with a selection of enSense sensors for monitoring air quality, noise levels, localized flooding and microclimate levels. The sensor platform can enable local authorities to try out new smart city data collection technologies and use the data to build a business case for a larger deployment.

The company said that the Smart City Pilot Kits are offered in recommended bundles to provide statistically relevant data but they can be customized subject to specific priorities and available budget.

The company said that the levels of nitrogen dioxide, emitted mostly by diesel vehicles, have been above legal limits in almost 90% of urban areas in the UK since 2010 and toxic fumes are estimated to cause 23,500 early deaths a year. Air pollution levels are often higher in the morning but time-based levels across multiple locations are not easy to assess without the use of dedicated sensors.

“With such worrying statistics facing the nation, air quality is now a key priority for communities across the country so we are delighted to be working with councils to help them to better understand their environment and to deploy our innovative technology to support the goal for cleaner cities, towns and villages,” Gary Atkinson, CEO of enLight said.

enLight offers solutions for several sectors including local government and councils, commercial, retail, highways maintenance and facilities management.

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