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How IoT is improving road safety and driver behavior

With the advanced capabilities offered by internet of things (IoT) technology, a number of companies around the world are using this technology to improve road safety by minimizing car accidents and improve drivers’ behaviors with the main aim of saving lives.

One of these firms is Tourmaline Labs, a U.S. provider of driving behavior intelligence data services.

“The goal is to collect data and then transform that data into performance telematics and an analytics platform that will provide insight into how and why people drive the way they do,” Tourmaline Labs’ CMO, Strategy and Partnerships, Bob Newkirk, said during a presentation at the Enterprise IoT Summit, which took place in Austin, Texas, earlier this year.

TL Behavior processes telematics data from any smartphone or embedded vehicle device to produce deep insight into driving behaviors, the executive said. This multi-dimensional scoring approach also help companies evaluate driving ability based on Handling or Focus so that they may quickly correct poor driving, incentivize good driving and uncover hidden behavior trends.

TL Behavior combines biometric-analytics and a context-aware AI. In order to provide its solutions, Tourmaline Labs uses battery-optimized iOS and Android SDKs, click-n-fit PaaS APIs and white-label SaaS solutions, which leverage the mobile smartphone as the dominant data collection-point from which driver metrics may be up-streamed on a massive scale. The TL Behavior solution includes a web-based UX that displays activity, scores, stats and report-cards for each driver, team or fleet.

The platform enables Telematics Solution Providers, Auto OEMs, and Insurance firms to easily integrate next-generation behavior analytics into their solutions and improve safety, increase productivity and lower costs. Shipping companies, insurance agencies, utilities, construction firms and other service providers who depend on fleet operations can be benefitted with the implementation of this technology.


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