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IoT development kits for rapid prototyping

IoT development kits are key for those developers willing to launch new IoT prototypes through a quick and easy process.

Several companies such as Intel and Telit have already launched IoT development kits. The chipmaker’ IoT kit is optimized for rapid prototyping and provides all the hardware and software developers need to speed up prototyping and time to production.

Intel’s IoT development kit also offer a variety of boards that serve the full range of development audiences and projects. The kit also includes a wide range of sensors and actuators.

Telit, a company which specializes in IoT technology, had also launched an IoT development kit in October last year.

Telit said that the comprehensive kit can be used to develop standalone IoT prototypes or as a co cellular, cloud-ready plug-in for open maker platforms.  The kit includes an IoT Portal, which lets users connect and manage the kit, and makes it easy to securely extract and consume data by using built-in dashboards, designing web-based and mobile apps, and integrating with enterprise systems for big data analytics.

Telit’s Rapid IoT Development Kit operates in both standalone mode and interface mode. The kit also offers a variety of sensors already on the board including accelerometer, temperature and LED indicators.  In interface mode, the on-board headers enable quick plug and play stacked integration with the most popular open Maker platforms such as Raspberry Pi, TI LaunchPad, and Arduino.

“When you are developing, you really want to have everything available very quickly and easily. Our kit offers all what developers need, including application processor, sensors and peripherals, power supplies and batteries, location positioning support, cellular connectivity, cables and cloud platform access,” Bill Dykas,  product manager for IoT platforms at Telit, said during a presentation at the Enterprise IoT Summit, which took place in Austin, Texas, earlier this year.

The executive also said that the kit includes a Telit’s IoT connectivity SIM as well as GPS and LTE antennas.

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