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VMware, Samsung join forces to launch combined IoT offering

The new solution combines Samsung Artik Smart IoT platform with VMware’s Pulse IoT center

VMware and Samsung Electronics have announced a collaboration agreement in the Internet of Things (IoT) space.

Under the terms of the agreement, both firms said they will collaborate to expand end-to-end IoT solutions for industrial and enterprise customers.

The companies will showcase the combination of the Samsung Artik Smart IoT platform with VMware Pulse IoT Center, offering an end-to-end IoT infrastructure solution that allows IT and OT teams to have complete control of their IoT use cases, from the edge to the cloud, the firms said.

In addition, the companies will also integrate the Samsung Artik 530 with Little IoT Agent (Liota), a vendor-neutral open source software development kit developed by VMware, to help enterprise customers with the management, monitoring and securing of their IoT implementation.

While Samsung Artik Smart IoT platform provides customers with the IoT hardware and software they need to start their IoT developments, VMware will help manage IoT infrastructure from the edge to the cloud. The combination will provide an IoT solution, including the hardware and software components, security, cloud connectivity, building services, and ability to monitor and manage the products over the product’s lifecycle.

“VMware and Samsung have a common goal to help enterprises speed their time to market with their IoT initiatives,” said Mimi Spier, IoT VP at VMware. “The Samsung Artik  Smart IOT platform delivers a state-of-the-art IoT platform, and we are collaborating with Samsung to help enterprises simplify their approach to deploying, managing, monitoring and securing their IoT infrastructure and connected devices,” Spier added.

“Enterprises around the world are looking to develop and deploy IoT solutions to augment their product portfolio or expand into new markets. Being able to monitor and manage these solutions across devices at enterprise scale both on-premise and in the cloud is critical for successful rollouts,” said Curtis Sasaki, vice president of ecosystems, Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center. “We are developing a joint go-to-market plans to address global enterprises looking for at scale, enterprise IoT solutions. With mutual customers in key industrial and vertical segments, we believe we can jointly address the growing development, deployment, and on-going management these customers are looking for.”

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