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The IoT opportunity: time is money

We’ve heard all about the consumer benefits, the cool-factor, and the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT), but did you know the benefits for enterprises are just as huge? By deploying successful Internet of Things solutions – like on-demand connectivity, reliable security and agile monetization – enterprises can maximize cost savings, create income streams, establish efficient business processes, and improve customer experience.

For example, companies who manage large fleets of equipment or trucks can benefit from predictive maintenance and remote monitoring of assets. With the ability to monitor performance in real-time, predict problems before they even develop, and facilitate remote troubleshooting, significant cost savings will follow

It sounds like an obvious next step, but developing and implementing a fully realized enterprise IoT solution, from concept to launch, can be an overwhelming undertaking. Gemalto’s latest guide, “Accelerating deployment in the Internet of Things,” helps to clarify and demystify what it takes and explains why opting for a pre-certified “out of the box” endpoint solution over a “custom-made” development can significantly save both time and money.

Pre-designed, pre-certified solutions like Gemalto’s award-winning Cinterion modules can nearly eliminate the need to invest in design, integration and development of custom hardware. Instead, these solutions are up and running in an instant, enabling companies to cut deployment time by up to 60% and focus on other solutions – such as software – that need the extra customization.

In other words, a deployment that would’ve taken up to a year and a half to implement could be online in six months by leveraging Gemalto’s pre-certified module.

Picking the right building blocks is an important first step of an IoT strategy, but it is just one element of a successful deployment. Companies also need to consider connectivity needs, security implications, data requirements and their end goals. With these needs in mind, Gemalto’s newest whitepaper is a must-have for companies seeking to implement and accelerate their IoT deployments.

Learn how to accelerate your IoT project, download Gemalto’s latest guide to successful enterprise IoT deployments.

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