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Embedded security: names to know

Encryption, authentication, secure boot functionality, and tamper detection are among the best practices used to secure connected computers and servers. These same practices can be part of embedded devices, but usually they cannot be added to a device the way they are often added to larger systems. Embedded security, meaning security that is built into the device itself, is usually the best line of defense against hackers.

Companies that understand embedded security are poised to profit as the internet of things swells demand for embedded devices and systems. There are many hardware and software companies with expertise in embedded security. Below are a few of the names to know.

Gemalto Gemalto is the world’s leading manufacturer of SIM cards and a pioneer in connected device security. The company makes an embedded hardware component for secure endpoint connectivity, which is complemented by a solution for cloud-based data encryption. Gemalto says its secure element also protects data on the journey from the endpoint to the cloud.

NXP NXP is the world’s leading maker of automotive chipsets, and the company is very aware that as vehicles become more connected, they become more hackable. NXP builds security into its chipsets by partitioning the boards so that application software cannot impact trusted system software. The company wants to give IoT developers security at the physical level so that they don’t have to add a new chip, or new software, to secure their devices.

Icon Labs makes customized secure devices for companies in a number of industries, including telecom, aerospace, and industrial control. The company also makes firewalls and client software that enables IoT devices to generate keys, create certificate signing requests, and retrieve signed certificates.

Mocana is a small San Francisco company that already claims more than 200 industrial automation and IoT customers. Its security platform is a combination of software and services that can be customized and embedded into endpoints, gateways and cloud servers. Mocana says it provides security for all GE devices that are and will be connected to the Predix machine.

Centri makes embedded securitys software for IoT developers. The company bills its solution as a comprehensive security tool that protects data at rest and in motion. Like all software designed for embedded devices, Centri’s solution requires few resources in terms of power, space and bandwidth.

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