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Digital transformation means IT, workforce and security transformation

Dell CMO: ‘Digital transformation is a business-level conversation’

LAS VEGAS–Digital transformation is a major focus of the programming at Dell EMC World 2017, but the process also requires major shifts in organizational approach to IT, workforce and security processes. That was the message Dell Chief Marketing Officer Jeremy Burton shared as the event, which drew more than 13,000 attendees, kicked off at the Sands Expo and Convention Center and attached Venetian property.

Burton explained that digital transformation–a huge buzzword in the tech industry–is a conversation that takes place with CEOs and business unit leads. “It’s an application conversation. It could be embedded software to make products smarter, it could be new online experiences, or it could be new mobile apps. The goal would be to transform the business–new routes to market, reach new customers, deliver a completely new customer experience. As folks embark upon a digital transformation, there’s going to be a ripple effect in IT. Some IT departments will be dragged kicking and screaming. Some IT departments may be ignored and a second mode of IT established. IT is about to undergo its biggest transformation.”

Burton further discussed how the increasing number of millennials entering the workforce is prompting changes in organization security practices.

“If you’ve got new applications and new ways of working, it’s going to impact the workforce,” he said, throwing out the figure that 60% of millennial-age employees “would threaten to quit if they didn’t get great technology to do their work on a day-to-day basis. Work is not a place; it’s a thing you have to do. That dramatically challenges the security posture of the organization.”

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