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LPWAN specialist Actility expands IoT platform via acquisition

The acquisition will allow the French IoT specialist to add GPS (A-GPS) technology to its ThingPark platform

French firm Actility, a specialist in low power wide area networks (LPWAN) for the internet of things, announced the acquisition of geolocation system company Abeeway.

Actility said the combination of Abeeway’s patented location software and innovative products with its ThingPark platform will allow for the provision of a portfolio of IoT location services to support service providers and IoT solution vendors across a wide range of industry sectors.

“We’re seeing massive demand for location-aware IoT solutions from industry,” sayd Actility CEO Mike Mulica. “We’ve been rapidly developing our ThingPark Location platform to deliver powerful tools to service providers and our customers in the tracking ecosystem. As a long-time partner with Abeeway, we saw great potential in adding their patented assisted GPS (A-GPS) technology and expertise in tracking to the capabilities of our ThingPark platform.”

“We’re creating an IoT location platform that will enable a revolution in the logistics and supply chain sector. In fact, we think that geolocation and tracking are potentially the killer app for the whole of the Internet of Things,” the executive added.

Hersent also said that the main advantage of Actility’s platform is the ability to serve a variety of use cases by combining different location technologies including network-based TDoA location, GPS and A-GPS, as well as Bluetooth beacons.

ThingPark location services will be accessible through APIs, which, coupled with the bidirectional capability of the LoRaWAN link, will allow developers to manage geolocation according to the needs of their application, Actility said.

“Since the first LoRaWAN tracker was presented by Abeeway in 2015, Abeeway has continuously improved IoT tracking solutions, developing the first patented low power GPS (A-GPS for IOT) as well as data fusion to optimize localization & power consumption,” said Abeeway Founder Florian Sforza. “Becoming part of Actility’s rapid growth will allow us to leverage their market leading LPWA platform and global reach to satisfy the massive market demand for IoT location use cases. Abeeway products will also continue to be available for every LPWAN network,” Sforza said.

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