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GPS Police adds driver behavior monitoring to its fleet management service

The Canadian firm offers fleet management services for verticals including oil and gas, health, transportation and government

Israeli provider of telematics solutions ERM Advanced Telematics announced an agreement with GPS Police, a provider of fleet management services in North America, to expand the latter’s fleet management services with ERM’s eSafe driver behavior monitoring.

GPS Police is a fleet management service provider based in Calgary, Canada. The firm’s customers include companies in the oil & gas, transportation, law enforcement and government sectors mostly in central Canada as well as across North America.

GPS Police has been using ERM’s telematics solutions and devices to enable its base vehicle tracking service for the past three years.

ERM’s eSafe solution contains predefined profiles for more than 35 vehicle types from passenger cars to public transportation vehicles to heavy duty truck. eSafe includes the definitions for 22 driving activities and maneuverer set according to each vehicle type, including advanced combinations of accelerating, braking and turning in different driving situation, such as on paved road, over speed bumps, on traffic circles, on off-road conditions and more. eSafe also contains black box capabilities for recreating the driving scenarios that led to accidents, the Israeli firm said.

eSafe is also fully integrated into GPS Police’s fleet management workflow processes and has been configured with definitions for graduated levels of severity for violations of the monitored driving behaviors. Alerts of all threshold violations are audibly and visually sent to drivers in real-time and are logged for follow up analysis.

“ERM and the straightforward approach of its eSafe solution enabled us to efficiently rollout a valuable driver behavior monitoring service for which we have experienced a strong take up from all our customer types,” said Sean Fournier, Founder and COO at GPS Police. “We are currently evaluating additional solutions and accessories from ERM and we have strong expectations that our relationship with ERM will empower us to continue to create new revenue generating opportunities and expand our services.”

ERM’s product portfolio includes a range of location tracking devices covering vehicle tracking and security, vehicle diagnostics and driver behavior. ERM partners with telematics service providers to integrate its products and solutions into their applications in order to create solutions for Fleet Management, Stolen Vehicle Recovery and other Telematics services.

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