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Sigfox partners with Alizent to offer industrial IoT solutions

The two firms are already looking for industrial IoT opportunities in the U.S. and Europe

French IoT connectivity provider Sigfox has signed a global partnership with Alizent to offer industrial IoT solutions. Under the terms of the agreement, the two partners will combine their respective technologies and capabilities to provide monitoring and tracking solutions of industrial assets on a global basis.

Sigfox and Alizent are currently exploring business opportunities in the U.S. and Europe.

“We believe that connecting all industrial assets will generate valuable data for our customers. Sigfox’s technology and global network services and support, combined with Alizent ability enables the connection of a whole new range of industrial assets for our clients,” Alexis Duret, Managing Director of Alizent, said.

“This partnership with Alizent once again illustrates that the IoT space opens up new and exciting opportunities for industries. Sigfox’s low-cost and low-power connectivity represents a dramatic shift for companies looking to reduce their costs and improve their industrial processes, as well as create new services based on big data,” Vincent Sabot, VP Sales Europe of Sigfox, said.

By complementing other types of technologies that Alizent currently offers to its customers such as 3G/4G or RFID, Sigfox will enable digital interactions with millions of industrial assets and hundreds of plants throughout the world, as well as real time visibility on operations, the French firm said.

The two partners believe that the combined offering will benefit several verticals such as oil and gas, metals, manufacturing, healthcare, food and beverage, agriculture, chemical and pharmaceuticals.

The two firms are currently carrying out a number of pilots of the combined offering such as tracking animal vaccine boxes, tracking of oxygen cylinders, preventive maintenance of beer equipment on customer premises and gas cylinders tracking and CO2 tanks monitoring.

The Sigfox network is currently present in 32 countries, 12 of which have nationwide coverage, including France and Spain.

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