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Thames Water rolls out smart meter project in London

U.K. water company Thames Water continues to deploy smart meters through wireless technology and has already installed more than 100,000 smart meters in London.

The utility firm aims to cover all customers with smart meters by 2030 and, with more than 4,200 leaks detected on customer pipes so far, this program has already saved an estimated 930,000 liters of water per day across London.

“Installing water meters is important, not just because they give our customers greater control over their water use, but also for the environment, as climate change and population put ever increasing pressure on our water resources. We also believe meters are the fairest way to pay because you pay for what you use, value what you pay for, and so tend to use water more efficiently,” Thames Water’s head of metering, Danny Leamon, said.

“The smart meters give residents access to water use data, online or by phone, allowing them to see how efficient their home is and track how simple water-saving efforts having an impact on their bill,” he added.

Thames Water is currently working with U.K. connectivity firm Arqiva on this smart meters program. “Having successfully worked with Thames Water on its initial three-year smart metering trial, we are delighted to be continuing the relationship with the on-going roll-out of the network across key Thames regions, Sean Weir, Director of Smart Metering and M2M at Arqiva said.

“Accurate water monitoring enables consumers to better understand their usage and helps water companies pinpoint and act quickly on leakages. We understand the vast benefit each and every smart water meter has both environmentally and financially for consumers across the UK, so are looking forward to delivering thousands more meters, in partnership with Sensus, for Thames Water and its customers,” Weir added.

The smart meter program uses Sensus’ FlexNet long-range radio technology. FlexNet is a data communications and processing platform which has been specifically optimized for smart metering and smart grid applications. It uses licensed radio spectrum to facilitate the rapid and secure movement of information to and from smart metering equipment.

Arqiva is a communications infrastructure and media services provider which focuses on the provision of TV, radio, mobile, WiFi and the Internet of Things (IoT).

In the IoT segment, Arqiva is involved in several smart city projects. The company also provides solutions for the governments, transport and utilities, among others verticals.

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