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AT&T adds smart irrigation solution to its IoT portfolio

The smart irrigation system uses IoT controllers to monitor water flow and usage in near real time.

AT&T Alliance Channel announced the addition of a smart irrigation solution to its portfolio. The product is said to use internet of things controllers to track water flow and usage in near real time.  

AT&T worked with HydroPoint, a company specializing in smart water management systems, to develop the solution, which is grouped with the carrier’s smart cities product line. AT&T said it’s network involvement lets solution providers help customers meet water conservation goals and reduce water consumption by an average of 40%, the telco said, and solution providers can help businesses in retail, office parks, landscaping, golf courses and hotels with the smart irrigation product.

“IoT solutions offer new functionality, reliability and capabilities that transcend traditional product limits,” said Kevin Leonard, VP for alternate channels at AT&T. “Advanced water management lets businesses use near real-time data to manage landscape water management. This will save them money and the planet water. … We’re also offering AT&T Professional Services for IoT. There are consulting and managed services available that help design, test, deploy and manage IoT solutions.”

AT&T’s IoT portfolio also includes solutions for verticals including health care, asset management, transportation, vehicles and smart cities.

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