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Nokia partners with academia on enterprise IoT

In a new partnership with the University of Technology Sydney in Australia, Finnish network infrastructure vendor Nokia is looking to accelerate IoT solutions for both enterprises and operators.

Nokia will provide the institution with IP routing, optical, fixed, 4G and 5G wireless technologies, plus applications and analytics platforms, and the OZO virtual reality camera, according to the company.

Nokia Head of Oceania Ray Owen said the collaboration will allow Nokia to give University of Technology Sydney its “expertise and our technologies, and help drive Australia’s digital transformation. In turn, we will benefit from gaining even greater insight into how IoT can be applied to solve the real-world issues of our customers. The successful implementation of IoT and the connectivity of potentially billions of devices will rely on the deployment of technologies such as enhanced 4G and high-speed, low-latency 5G.”

Specifically, Nokia is working with UTS Rapido, which the school refers to as a “rapid prototyping unit,” which includes numerous members of the engineering faculty. Last year the entire university received access to free IoT network coverage via a partnership with Thinxtra.

UTS Associated Dean, External Engagement, Myriam Amielh said the Nokia partnership serves the university’s goal of “link[ing] with major industrial innovators and deliver outcomes that translate ideas into viable products and solutions, leveraging advanced technologies. This association will allow us to contribute our expertise in areas such as 5G, IoT and data analytics, through UTS: Rapido, to help Nokia’s customers unlock the potential of emerging digital capabilities.”

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