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Creating a strong strategy for end-to-end IoT products

Deep dive: Creating a strong strategy for end-to-end IoT products

Daniel Elizalde, Stanford Continuing Studies Instructor – Product Management for the IoT, Stanford University and Founder, of TechProductManagement.com, discussses ways to create strong strategies for end-to-end IoT products

Daniel Elizalde is an IoT Product Leader with over 17 years of experience managing the complete lifecycle of connected products. He is the author
of TechProductManagement.com, the leading blog on IoT Product Management. He is also the creator of the IoT Decision Framework,
which he teaches as part of his course “Product Management for the Internet of Things” at Stanford Continuing Studies.

Daniel’s diverse background includes working at Fortune 500 companies and growth-stage start-ups, as well as product companies and
services companies. Most recently, as head of products for Stem, Inc, Daniel managed the full product lifecycle of an end-to- end IIoT Energy
Storage solution for the Smart Grid.

Daniel is a frequent speaker at IoT and Product Management events. He has been featured in many publications including Pragmatic Marketing, the IoT Business Show podcast, “This is Product Management” podcast, and Mind the Product, to name a few. Daniel’s IoT Decision Framework is currently included in the lecture material for classes at Stanford, Oxford, and Cornell.

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