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Spotlight presentations: MultiTech

Spotlight presentations: MultiTech

Derek Wallace,  Director, Product Management, MultiTech

Derek Wallace brings 20 years of product management experience to his role as Director of Product Management for MultiTech. He has worked across multiple parts of the value chain and around the world. He is responsible for the entire MultiTech portfolio, including product lifecycle and management process. He oversees a growing team focused on defining and launching the products that will achieve the most business value for our customers as well as MultiTech.

He described MultiTech as a “manufacturer of M2M and IoT devices, connectivity devices. We sell a wide range of cellular routers, gateways and modems and we have a full, very strong product line within the low-power wireless, LoRa area. In the past few years we’ve been very, very involved in the agriculture IoT space.” Use cases include perimeter control, livestock monitoring, building ventilation and monitoring of irrigation systems and other equipment.

Wallace said the company has used its system to enable wine producers to solve efficiency problems and improve the quality of products. “Wine markers, what they’re really trying to do is stress the grapes to what I call the Goldilocks point. They want to get them to that just right point. The way that they need to do this…is they want to understand the environmental conditions. And, if possible, they very much want to proactively monitor what’s going on with the grapes,” including light activity, soil moisture and other “real-time access to that data so they can apply analytics.”

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