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Spotlight presentations: LPWANs for Smart Buildings, Campus, and City Applications

LPWANs for Smart Buildings, Campus, and City Applications

John Nye, Business Development Executive at Senet, explains the implementation of low power wide area networks (LPWANs) for smart buildings, campus and city applications at the Enterprise IoT Summit in Austin, Texas.

Nye said the company addresses a variety of use cases including smart buildings, which are “very appropriate for LPWAN, some of which is tied to infrastructure management…there’s a whole host of these types of applications. At the end of the day they’re quite important and yield significant ROI.”

“A lot of times it starts with smart buildings application[s],” Nye said. “We will implement coverage to help support that application. That drives a scenario where you can now add additional applications onto that network at very, very low cost. Ultimately, over time, that yields a smart city.”

John Nye has been helping businesses transform their offerings and go-to-market, supporting large enterprises in building and rolling out new solutions, while also developing and running global sales channel programs. Prior to Joining Senet, John served as VP, enterprise sales and channels at GENBAND, a leading provider of unified communications and infrastructure solutions to the telecom and enterprise markets. Before joining GENBAND, John held senior executive, sales, and business development roles at several global network and technology companies. John holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Boston University.


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