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What IoT and Big Data tell us about the future of Fleets

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Clarity From The Fog – What IoT and Big Data tell us about the future of Fleets

Brad Taylor, VP of Data and IoT Solutions, Omnitracs explains the impact of Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data in the future of fleets at the Enterprise IoT Summit in Austin, Texas.

Brad Taylor oversees all of Omnitracs’ big data and predictive analytics operations, including new data products and services, and the big data strategy. Brad was previously Director of Product Management at Jasper Technology, providing the leadership for its prescriptive and predictive data automation offerings, helping the company grow to over 15 million devices under management of its market leading IoT platform. He also directed Jasper’s global eSIM commercialization initiatives for OEM’s like Scania, Tesla, and GM.

Prior to Jasper, he was CEO of AVIDwireless, a Connected World 100 industrial IoT company that was purchased by Numerex. Brad was the founding CEO at GRS, a provider of M2M rail solutions, which was purchased in 2009 by Vossloh AG. He also has made key contributions in sales and technology roles at Siebel Systems and Digitalk, and was a founding partner at Tech Wildcatters.

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