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Connected buildings: In-building wireless

Deep dive: In-building wireless for connected buildings

Russell Vest, Executive Director of Business Development, ExteNet Systems, Inc discusses in-building wireless technologies at the Enterprise IoT Summit in Austin, Texas.

With more than 30 years of experience in the wireless and telecommunications industry, Mr. Vest directs ExteNet’s business development policies, objectives and key initiatives related to in-building antenna system networks. His background includes expertise in engineering, design, and deployment of wireless access and transport networks for domestic and international markets, as well as business development, merger and acquisition successes in the wireless industry.

Prior to joining ExteNet, Mr. Vest was President and founder of Wireless Inside, focused on designing, building, and owning Indoor Commercial Wireless Networks. Mr. Vest holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Methodist University and is a member of the IEEE Communications Society.

Vest said distributed networks inside connected buildings “increases the value of your property. This is very good for large landowners, it’s good for basically all the verticals that have physical, bricked property. About 80% of the mobile traffic is generated indoors. Without an indoor network that mobile traffic may not be generated. Because it’s a structured wiring network, it can support any IoT use case, any of them that are out there.”

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