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Vertical Market IoT: Using IoT to create a smart grid

Deep dive: The Internet of Energy: utilizing IoT technology to address risks and create a truly smarter grid

Andres Carvallo, CEO & Founder, CMG, Co-author “The Advanced Smart Grid”, Series Editor, Power Engineering – Artech House, Board Director, Smart Grid Interoperability Panel

Colman Keane – Director Fiber Optic Technology, EPB (non-profit agency of the City of Chattanooga)

Andres Carvallo is globally recognized by the IEEE as one of the early developers of the smart grid concept and technology. As chief technologist Andres championed Austin Energy’s industry leading smart grid program design and implementation from 2003 – 2010 and he architected the Pecan Street Project in 2009. Andres co-authored the best selling book “The Advanced Smart Grid”, has received 34 industry awards since 2005, and has over 27 years of experience in the Energy, Telecommunications, Computer and Software industries. Andres is the founder and CEO of Compass Management Group and advisor to several universities and start-ups. He was previously the Executive Vice President of Energy Solutions and Chief Strategy Officer at Proximetry.

EPB was established in 1935 as a non-profit agency of the City of Chattanooga and has grown to be one of the largest municipal power distributors in the country, serving more than 169,000 homes and businesses in a 600-square mile area.

Today, the fiber optic network constructed for the purpose of powering the most automated smart grid in the country is also serving to expand EPB’s communications service offerings to include residential and business customers throughout the service area.  Currently offering Internet speed up to ten gigabits-per-second as a standard offer, the communications infrastructure built and maintained by EPB is the reason for Chattanooga’s new nickname “Gig City”.

As the Director of Fiber Technology, Colman brings more than twenty years of experience in IT and project management to his role as our Director of Fiber Technology at EPB. He is an expert on the EPB Fiber Optics network – from the initial business planning and technical architecture to software implementation. He has a degree in Business Administration from East Tennessee State University, is a Certified Public Accountant, and has earned 6 Sigma Black Belt Certification.

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