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View from the Top: IoT-Things to come

Panel:  View from the Top: IoT – Things to come
Moderator Tom Hackenberg,  Principal Analyst, Embedded Processors | Technology, Media & Telecom at IHS Markit is joined by Daniel Cooley, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Internet of Things Products, Silicon Labs; Thierry Klein, Head of Innovation Acceleration, Nokia and Uzair Siddiqui, IoT Product & Marketing Connected Solutions – IoT | Verizon in the ‘View from the Top: IoT-Things to come’ plenary keynote at the Enterprise IoT Summit in Austin, Texas.

IHS Markit principal analyst Tom Hackenberg kicks off the discussion explaining the concept of Internet of Things. “IHS Markit defines IoT as a conceptual framework, powered by the idea of embedding connectivity and intelligence into a wide range of devices.” “To truly be considered an IoT opportunity, a devices connectivity must enable a higher level of local or systemic intelligence by supplying or receiving actionable data or control through that device’s network connectivity,” he said.

The analyst also said that the ability to remotely manage or collect vast amounts of data in near real-time from a broad range of intelligent and connected devices forms the foundation of opportunity of IoT.

Hackemberger also said that IoT also represents a huge opportunity for enterprises. “Enterprises businesses are in an unique position to utilize the Internet of Things since their structure often place them in a position to access vast amounts of data and systems under their control. Through the IoT, they can strategically employ central or distributed intelligence provided by these IoT connected devices to optimize existing services and maintenance or enable services and features never available before.”

Thierry Klein, Head of Innovation Acceleration, Nokia, said that we are just at the beginning of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution. “This Industrial Revolution will connect everything and everybody, automate things and will also make industrial processes more productive. If you are trying to connect all these things, we believe that we need to create what we call a nervous system for all the things people will connect. We believe Nokia can be at the heart of building that nervous system from a connectivity perspective but also from a cloud infrastructure device management platform perspective.”

Uzair Siddiqui said that enterprises are currently implementing IoT solutions in order to make money, save money or comply with current regulations. “Our role at Verizon is to make easy for our customers to achieve these goals,” he said.

The executive said that Verizon is also focusing on certain verticals including smart cities, smart lighting and smart farming, among others.


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