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IoT design and deployment strategies

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IoT design and deployment strategies: The process

Christopher Moorhead, VP Strategic Accounts, Gemalto

Christopher Moorhead starts his presentation providing details of all the platforms digital firm Gemalto offers to customers. In the Internet of Things (IoT) space, the Dutch firm offers a platform dubbed Cinterion, which helps companies to implement a digital strategy in the IoT space. Moorhead believe that three key elements offered by the Cinterion IoT platform are: connect, secure and monetize. “We are seeing that these are horizontal requirements that we see for everybody that is doing an IoT development.”

“Security is at the heart of business. Our customers have to have trusted security in order to move toward an easy path to monetization,” Moorhead said.

The executive also said that companies looking to launch IoT during 2017 should look at Cat-1 technology. If companies are planning to launch in late 2017, then they can also look at and Cat-M and NB-IoT technologies.

According to the executive, companies looking to offer voice and data should stay with Cat-1 while those companies only looking to offer only data should select Cat-M or NB-IoT technologies.

In terms of mobility requirements, Moorhead said that Cat-1 has the performance mobility, while Cat-M offers limited mobility and NB-IoT is designed for stationary devices.

He also highlighted that both Cat-M and NB-IoT technologies offers benefits for those companies willing to offer stationary applications, non-real time applications, data-only applications as well as indoor mounted applications.


In Chris Moorhead’s 10 years with Gemalto, he has concentrated on the M2M/IoT industry to establish and grow relationships with Gemalto’s cellular module and solution customers, with a focus on IoT pioneers in North America and strategic partnerships within the Western Region. Gemalto’s global culture and worldwide presence has provided Chris the opportunity to develop a true international perspective of the M2M/IoT industry.

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