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Deutsche Telekom to implement smart parking project in Hamburg

The initiative stipulates the digitalization of up to 11,000 parking spaces.

Deutsche Telekom and the city of Hamburg, Germany, are currently working to connect many of the city’s parking areas to allow drivers to find available spaces and pay parking fees through a smartphone application.

The smartphone app is designed to provide drivers with information about vacant parking spaces throughout the city, and will allow drivers to reserve spaces and pay parking fees. DT said the project stipulates the digitalization of up to 11,000 public and private spaces, including parking garages.

To ensure the “Park and Joy” app can display vacant parking spaces in the city center, Hamburg’s local transport company plans to equip the first 100 spaces with sensors on the city’s east side.

“All drivers wish that they could park their vehicles without worry and stress,” explained Reinhard Clemens, CEO of DT’s T-Systems and board of management member, in a statement. “We have an app that makes parking easy – you just find a parking space, book it and pay the fee – that’s all there is to it.”

The telco also said other cities across Germany will benefit from the company’s smart parking service in the coming months.

DT signs AI, security partnerships

DT also signed an artificial intelligence and security partnerships to expand its corporate portfolio.

T-Systems’ House of Clouds portfolio will now offer AI technology from IPsoft. The vendor’s Amelia platform, which can communicate with people and systems, will be integrated with existing products, offering AI-based cognitive services, the German telco said.

T-Systems said the platform could be used in most frameworks involving data and processes, including supporting customer services or procurement departments.

“Systems with artificial intelligence provide ideal impetus for the digital transformation process, and they are playing an increasingly important role in business competitiveness,” said Clemens.

The operator also boosted its security offerings with the launch of its Industrial Threat Protect Pro and Industrial Network Protect Pro platforms.

Developed by Israeli security firm CyberX, Industrial Threat Protect Pro is designed to analyze weak points in networks and automatically records network configurations.

Industrial Network Protect Pro is a distributed firewall for industrial networks, based on a solution designed by Israeli company Radiflow.

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