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IoT case study: Vodafone provides platform to support Kingspan Sensor global expansion

Learn how a sensor provider is leveraging Vodafone’s IoT platform.

Kingspan Sensor, a provider of monitoring solutions for the fuel storage sector, has implemented Vodafone’s Managed IoT connectivity platform to offer a global monitoring service. The company supplies measuring and monitoring solutions to customers in the commercial, industrial, agriculture and domestic markets.

One of the company’s latest products is the Watchman Anywhere Pro, which is a one-piece monitoring solution designed to check levels and provide in-depth data to assist with stock management, health and safety compliance, and CRC reporting. Apart from fuel and oil, this solution is also said to monitor AdBlue, lubricants, liquids, water, liquid petroleum gas, materials and cold storage environments.

With Vodafone’s managed internet of things platform, Kingspan said it can now install the same SIM in every monitoring device, activating the device once it is “live” with a customer. Using the solution, the company claims it can capture data from the units, and record the device’s identity code, model and other data from the modem. The device (with SIMs installed) is then imported electronically to the Kingspan database, and engineers can identify any device through the given barcode.

Kingspan also has a web-based reporting platform, dubbed “Connect Sensor,” which is said to enable individual reporting and alerts as required by customers. The reports provide data on current levels, projected run out dates, usage and fill requirements, all of which can assist in calculating energy usage and carbon emissions.

To date, Kingspan said it has activated 23,000 Vodafone SIMs on its WAP product, and that it expects to activate an additional 15,000 SIMs within the next three years.

“We’re seeing growth in France and Germany, and growth in domestic and commercial,” said David Anderson, business unit director for Kingspan Environmental. “We’re currently looking at sales operations in South America, Australia and the United States. … Vodafone allows us to take this international growth in our stride. We have predictable pricing and global coverage, all managed from one platform.”

Headquartered in Northern Ireland, Kingspan is a provider of measure and monitoring solutions, with systems designed to measure cost, energy usage, carbon emissions and temperature, liquid and material levels.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a business with 50 tanks around the country or an individual with an oil tank in the back garden, you want to know if you’re running out of oil or fuel, AdBlue, lubricants or LPG. Our solution will send an alert if you’re past a set level, or show consumption rates so you can check usage,” Anderson added.

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