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Sensus opens first global IoT support facility in India

The new center to be located in Hyderabad and support the firm’s IoT business in India and globally.

Sensus, a U.S.-based supplier of utility grade communications systems and smart meters, opened its first global support center in Hyderabad, India, local press reported.

Hyderabad is considered one of the next emerging hubs in terms of the adoption of “internet of things” technologies due to the focus of the Indian government on the development of smart city initiatives across the subcontinent.

The new Sensus facility is said to represent a strategic investment and is designed to support the company’s business operations in India and across the globe.

“For emerging markets like India, smart grid technologies are essential to avoid lock-in of outdated energy infrastructure, attract new investment streams and create efficient and flexible grid systems that will be able to accommodate both rising electricity demand and power from a variety of power sources,” said Amit Vaydia, director of the strategic customer team for Sensus in India.

Sensus said it will target water utilities, energy providers and cities willing to implement smart city initiatives.

“With initiatives like the National Smart Grid Mission we can play a significant role in bringing India the right solutions and technology that will be easily adaptable, helping to making data-driven decisions that reduce water leaks, limit power outages, ensure the safe delivery of natural gas and turn a streetlight into a beacon of technology,” Vaydia added.

In the IoT segment, Sensus provides solutions including smart city, smart gas, smart grid, smart water and smart lighting. Sensus was acquired last year by U.S water technology company Xylem, which manufactures equipment used in water and wastewater applications.

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