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Hortonworks collaborates with Neustar on open source IoT

Firms to work together on security and identity management tools for IoT.

Hortonworks announced an open source technology collaboration with Neustar, a provider of real-time information services, to create security and identity management tools for “internet of things” devices.

Hortonworks said its connected data platforms enable Neustar to extend its OneID identity management solution to the open source community using Hortonworks Data Platform and Data Flow solutions, and to enable the development of new identity management and security solutions for IoT devices. Neustar OneID is an identity solution designed to provide IoT certificate and identity management in the authentication and revocation of IoT devices.

“IoT represents such a unique opportunity for our customers, but the security and management of this connection science is a major IT challenge,” said Hank Skorny, SVP of IoT at Neustar. “Hortonworks is a key open source collaborator that enables Neustar to extend its policy management to the device level.”

By integrating with HDP and HDF, Neustar is able to incorporate the functionality of Apache Ranger and Apache Atlas to extend management down to the device level, Hortonworks said.

Indian government expands list of smart city initiatives

In other IoT news, the government of India is set to expand the number of smart city initiatives in the country with the addition of 40 new projects, Indian press reported.

Last year, Indian authorities announced plans to launch smart city initiatives in 60 cities across the country. With the new announcement, the country will see the development of 100 smart city projects in the coming years.

“We have identified 100 cities across the country,” India’s urban development minister Venkaiah Naidu, was quoted as saying. “A total of 60 cities are already on the move. This month or next month, we will be adding another 40 cities to take it to 100 smart cities across the country. But even 100 is not sufficient for a country of India’s size.”

Twenty cities across India have already started to deploy certain smart city initiatives.

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