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Bosch study: The impact of autonomous vehicles by 2025

A recent study conducted by Bosch and consulting firm Prognos looked at what autonomous vehicles will mean for the U.S., Germany and major cities in China. The report, “Connected Car Effect 2025,” concluded that safety systems and cloud-based functions can prevent around 260,000 injury accidents, save 390,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and offer drivers additional time for other activities.

Bosch and Prognos assessed 11 technologies for private passenger transport, and their dispersion and impacts. According to the model calculations, electronic stability programs will be available in up to 90% of all vehicles in the three countries by 2025, with sensor-based emergency braking and lane assists in up to 40% of automobiles.

The report also predicts 350,000 fewer people will be injured by traffic accidents – the same as 12 years without traffic injuries in Los Angeles. In the U.S. alone, there are expected to be 290,000 fewer accidents. About 11,000 people could be saved through connected assistance systems; up to 4.3 billion euro in material and damage costs will be saved by connected assistance systems, nearly double the sum spent by the Chinese government in 2016 to improve air quality in Beijing; 70 million driving hours will be shed by connected parking functions in the U.S., China and Germany; and 31 hours of “free time” will be opened up.

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