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AT&T creates dedicated IoT starter kit for Amazon Web Services

AT&T last year released its IoT Starter Kit to help developers create “internet of things” (IoT) projects. At it’s recent developers summit, the carrier said it will make it easier to connect USB-based device with a lighter version of the original starter kit.

The company also introduced a dedicated kit for the Amazon Web Services IoT service. The kit was created by AT&T and Avnet, and is designed to allow developers to build their own solutions using AT&T IoT and AWS IoT platforms.

The kit includes and LTE Cat-1 modem; SIM card with 300 megabytes of prepaid data good for 6 months in the U.S. and Mexico; two antennas; two USB cables and a USB plug; an NXP K64F development board; and a microSD card for storing security credentials and configuration.

The company also announced a new LTE IoT Add-on Kit, which includes all the cellular components of the original kit, but eliminates the host controller board so one can connect via USB using a Raspberry Pi. The new kit is available for $59.

AT&T also announced it would provide native support within AT&T Flow Designer for PubNub’s Data Stream Network, which is designed to provide low latency and two-way messaging. To encourage developers, AT&T created the Realtime AT&T IoT Starter Kit Challenge using the starter kit and PubNub’s data stream network. Projects will be accepted through February.

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