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Nokia deploys NB-IoT system in collaboration with Vodafone, Telit

The NB-IoT trial took place at Vodafone’s Open Lab in Dusseldorf.

Nokia, Vodafone and Telit are collaborating to expand the “internet of things” ecosystem using narrowband-IoT technology.

Nokia said it has deployed an integrated NB-IoT system at Vodafone’s Open Lab in Dusseldorf, Germany, using its radio access network and elements from its Cloud Packet Core solution, including the Cloud Mobility Manager supporting the Mobility Management Entity, and the Cloud Mobile Gateway supporting the System Architecture Evolution Gateway network functions.

The system leverages IoT technology from Telit and is set to be used by device manufacturers and applications developers in trials of products and solutions designed to expand the IoT ecosystem, Nokia said.

In a trial during Vodafone’s recent Innovation Day event in Dusseldorf, Nokia and Telit carried out a demo using an Intel chipset integrated in a NB-IoT module, which was embedded in a Shitek technology ultrasonic gas meter. The system connected with a meter to transmit data on gas flow over a Vodafone test network.

“NB-IoT will be commercially available from early 2017, and because it has strong support from across the telecoms industry, will be the technology used to connect millions more things to the internet,” said Luke Ibbetson, head of research and development and technology strategy for Vodafone.

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