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Telefonica and Huawei developing joint NB-IoT solutions

The two firms plan to launch joint NB-IoT solutions in Europe and Latin America in 2017.

Huawei and Telefónica signed a memorandum of understanding to work together to jointly develop narrowband “internet of things” solutions for markets in Europe and Latin America.

Under terms of the agreement, Huawei and Telefónica will start collaborating on end-to-end NB-IoT solutions, interoperability, ecosystems, IoT platform evolution, joint marketing and to develop an upcoming commercialization of IoT. The two companies have already started their first trials of a NB-IoT solution and are aiming to commercially launch services in Europe and Latin America during 2017.

Huawei said the end-to-end NB-IoT solution is designed to meet Telefónica’s requirements for massive IoT services with low-power and wide-area coverage. Developed based on Third Generation Partnership Project standards, the solution is said to underpin flexible networking under various industry and use scenarios.

Huawei X Labs publishes white paper on smart transportation

Huawei X Labs published a white paper looking at opportunities for mobile network operators in the smart transportation field. The report includes global MNO use cases in the smart transportation segment including connected cars.

The report notes the smart transportation segment has become the largest opportunity in vertical market for mobile operators, with a total addressable market for connected cars forecast to reach more than $140 billion in 2022. According to Huawei X Labs, there are five major strategic opportunities in the field, including usage-based insurance, fleet management, smart parking, emergency service network and vehicle-to-x based driver assistance systems.

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