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Cisco signs IoT, smart city agreements in India

Building on smart city project, Cisco will work with ICreate to explore the possibility to set up IoT hub in Gujarat.

U.S. networking giant Cisco signed two agreements with the International Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology and Gift in Gujarat, India, for setting up an “internet of things” innovation hub and a smart city project, Indian press reported.

Cisco did not reveal financial details of the two projects, but plans ro collaborate with ICreate to explore setting up an IoT Innovation Hub at the latter’s new campus at Dev Dholera, Gujarat, to foster local innovation. According to reports, the innovation facility will support local startups and entrepreneurs in developing smart city and IoT-based solutions.

The agreement cals for the partnership to focus on the development of proof of concepts, identify features and functionalities required for digital solutions. Additionally, Cisco and Gift are exploring deployment of smart city applications in the Gift City campus, including public Wi-Fi, smart parking, smart transport, traffic analytics, remote expert government services, smart kiosk and smart environmental sensors.

The initiative is set to use Cisco’s intellectual property in the areas of IoT, mobile technology, applications, cloud computing and data analytics.

Nasscom inks IoT MoU with Georgia Tech Advanced Research

Indian IT industry representative body Nasscom signed a memorandum of understanding with Georgia Tech Advanced Research Corporation to develop IoT initiatives and foster IoT-based innovation through the development of a conducive ecosystem in India.

Under terms of the agreement, Nasscom and GTARC will cooperate to address challenges surrounding the adoption of IoT technologies.

“In close cooperation with Nasscom’s IoT center, we intend to explore ways to leverage IoT technologies to accelerate and optimize the pace of digital transformation throughout the economy,” explained Alain Louchez, managing director of GTARC’s Center for the Development and Application of Internet of Things Technologies.

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