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Nokia, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise target enterprise with joint IoT solutions

The two firms said the joint IoT solutions will be commercially available in 2017.

Nokia and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise announced a strategic collaboration on “internet of things” solutions targeting the enterprise segment.

Under terms of the alliance, both firms will jointly market and sell solutions for industrial/manufacturing and smart city applications. The portfolio is set to include solutions for asset management; smart manufacturing; remote site automation and predictive maintenance; and enhanced networking choices for improved connectivity for smart city solutions, such as smart lighting and smart buildings.

The joint offerings are said to combine connectivity, core networking, data aggregation and compute technologies from Nokia and HPE. The two firms are working on a proof-of-concept for smart cities, which combines Nokia’s routing capabilities with HPE’s hybrid IT capabilities for joint project delivery models. The companies said the joint solutions will be commercially available in early 2017.

The partnership extends the existing collaboration between Nokia and HPE, which includes end-to-end deals with 25 enterprise and service provider customers, and more than 30 PoCs.

“We are pleased to extend our partnership with HPE into the IoT space,” said Kathrin Buvac, CSO at Nokia. “HPE’s market presence offers Nokia expedited and increased access to the enterprise market and target verticals along with a complimentary portfolio of products and services.”

HPE has also joined Nokia’s IoT Community, an ecosystem focused on solution concepts, end-to-end prototypes, business models and market trials. In turn, Nokia joined part of HPE’s IoT initiative within HPE’s Partner Ready program.

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