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IoT in Action | Episode 9 | Politics, interoperability and security in IoT

We spoke with Jim Hunter, Greenwave Systems’ chief scientist and technology evangelist, on the new Trump-led administration, governmental IoT security regulations and interoperability.

The United States government recently released guidelines on securing the IoT, following the lead of countries in Europe and Asia.

“What is starting to be recognized is your identity is more than just your social security number now, more than just your name or address,” Hunter said. “There needs to be something more. I had thought for the longest time privacy could be handled by going after wiretap, because the wiretap laws very clearly state that at least one party has to authorize the information to be hacked into or listened into regardless of what the connection was. It is surprising that it hasn’t gone that direction, I think there is a lot more leniency than I expected to see in the IoT security regulations.”

Hunter says there must be a balance between regulations and innovation when the new administration takes office next year.

“I think its important to remember there has to be balance,” Hunter said. “Regulations raise price and cost to get involved. There is an opportunity as an industry to step up and say they can self regulate to minimize regulations imposed.

Hunter says he “has no clue” what is coming when Donald Trump becomes president.

“This past week, weekend, we are seeing tech used in interesting new ways,” Hunter said. “The role has to change, the position has to carry with it the dignity and authority within the power of the president of the United States. Ultimately, tech is there for our advancement in economy and as a civilization. This administration, like other administrations, recognizes we have to move forward. Once some of the petty back-and-forths are dismissed, once we settle in and understand you need to appoint someone for the lower level stuff, I think there will be some sort of cohesive arrangement between the parties.”

Greenwave Systems is a software company with a ‘full-stack IoT’ solution. They define IoT by breaking it into three parts: industrial (things being assembled, grown, harvested, etc.), commercial (retails, things being bought and sold) and consumer (life-cycle management). Greenwaves’ AXON platform was designed to enable interoperability by carrying across data along the entire path of an IoT solution.

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