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Reliance Group partners with Cisco Jasper to launch IoT venture in India

Reliance to target enterprise customers in India using Cisco Jasper platform.

Reliance Group signed a strategic partnership with Cisco Jasper to launch Unlimit, a new venture to focus on the provisioning of “internet of things” services for enterprise customers across India.

Reliance Group said Unlimit customers will be able to access UnlimitControlCenter, which is based on Cisco Jasper’s IoT connectivity management platform and connects to Reliance’s mobile network.

“IoT is a critical enabler for India’s growth, and businesses throughout the country are already utilizing its huge potential to help deliver innovative new services to their customers, while reducing cost and increasing revenue,” said Unlimit CEO Juergen Hase. “We are delighted to partner with Cisco Jasper, and this strategic partnership will strengthen the market position of Unlimit significantly.”

The agreement will also allow Indian companies to expand IoT services to new countries through Cisco Jasper’s partnership with more than 30 mobile groups globally. Foreign companies using the Cisco Jasper platform outside of India can also expand connected services into India through Reliance’s infrastructure.

The venture will also focus on the development of smart city projects in India through the combination of Reliance’s mobile network infrastructure and cloud-based services with the Cisco Jasper IoT connectivity management platform.

Cisco said it is actively hiring IoT engineers to join the Jasper team in its Innovation Center located in Bangalore, India.  

“It is inspiring to see both the government and enterprises throughout India invest in IoT to advance both the country and commerce, which is why we are making our own investment in this market,” said Jahangir Mohammed, GM of Cisco Jasper.  

Reliance Group serves more than 250 million customers across the telecommunications, power, financial services, infrastructure, media and entertainment and health care sectors.

Nokia wins contract to deploy metro Ethernet networks in Indonesia

In other APAC news, Indonesia’s national infrastructure service provider, FiberStar, selected Nokia’s equipment and services for the deployment of internet protocol multiprotocol label switching metro Ethernet networks in 48 cities across Java and Bali.

Nokia’s solution for FiberStar network includes its 7750 Service Router portfolio of multiservice routing platforms, which is designed to provide networking to support the delivery of advanced services.

Under terms of the agreement, Nokia will also provide professional services including network design, training and maintenance for up to 5 years.

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