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PTC’s Kepware updates industrial IoT connectivity platform

Kepware, a PTC business, released its KEPServerEX Version 6 software, which is an update to the company’s industrial “internet of things” connectivity platform aimed at strengthening its core product offering for global corporations requiring operational scalability, security and support. Enhancements include a new method for remote configuration, additional languages that support industrial automation markets, and updates to the user interface and licensing experience, the company claims.

source: Kepware
source: Kepware

“Since the launch of Version 5 in 2009, the need for industrial connectivity has grown tremendously,” said John Harrington, VP of product management at Kepware. “As the ‘internet of things’ continues to influence industrial architectures, companies require a comprehensive solution that can communicate and analyze a greater volume, variety and velocity of data to a wider, more diverse set of client applications. We’ve incorporated important usability and architectural enhancements that support these evolving industry standards into KEPServerEX Version 6.”

Kepware said improvements include programmatic changes via the configuration API; localization for Japanese and German markets; native development of OPC UA technology; licensing; user interface; and security.

KEPServerEX is said to be a connectivity platform designed to provide a single source of industrial automation data to all applications. The platform design is designed to allow users to connect, manage, monitor and control automation devices and software applications through one user interface.

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