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SK Telecom demonstrates 5G connected car

The telco aims to launch 5G trial networks in Seoul and other cities to support connected cars and VR

Korean mobile operator SK Telecom has deployed what it claims to be the world’s largest millimeter wave-based “5G” trial network using the 28 GHz band at the BMW driving center in Yeongjong Island, Incheon.

The telecom operator said it completed a demonstration of a 5G-based connected car, and with Ericsson jointly developed and deployed the 5G radio and core network infrastructure to cover the BMW driving center.  

The Korean company said the connected car, dubbed “T5,” uses a combination of 5G and vehicle-to-everything technologies. T5 is said to include features designed to improve road safety and driving experience by supporting low latency communication between vehicles or the vehicle and its environment. For the demonstration, SK Telecom worked with BMW Group Korea to install 5G terminals within two vehicles.

SK Telecom also introduced a 5G-based virtual reality bus, which is quipped with large screen displays, an audio system and video cameras to provide augmented and virtual reality multimedia to passengers.

“5G will offer much more than just faster data speeds. It will serve as a true enabler for a whole new variety of powerful services that deliver unprecedented value to customers,” said Alex Jinsung Choi, CTO and head of SK Telecom’s corporate research and development center. “This demonstration of 5G-based connected car technologies marks the very first step towards achieving fully autonomous driving in the upcoming era of 5G.”

SK Telecom also announced plans to deploy and operate 5G trial networks with different scales and capabilities in Seoul and other cities through collaborations with Ericsson, Samsung Electronics and Nokia starting early next year.

NTT DoCoMo to trial 5G system for remote monitoring of self-driving vehicles

In related APAC news, Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo and compatriot company DeNA reached an agreement to trial a 5G mobile communications system expected to enhance the safety of self-driving vehicles through remote monitoring and passenger assistance.

In the trial, a vehicle and a remote center will be connected via a 5G network. High-resolution video images captured with high-definition cameras mounted on the vehicle will be transferred in real time via the 5G network, which will allow the center to check for driving irregularities and provide passengers with assistance if required.

The collaboration, which will combine NTT DoCoMo’s 5G wireless technologies and DeNA’s expertise in services incorporating self-driving technologies, looks to realize safe driverless services for remote monitoring and assistance.

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