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Huawei, Dubai Police to develop Safe City Innovation Center

Huawei is showcasing four safe city solutions at GITEX event

Chinese ICT services provider Huawei has signed a long-term collaboration agreement with the Dubai Police to develop and deploy a Safe City Innovation Center for Dubai’s security forces.

Dubai Police and Huawei are exhibiting four advanced safe city solutions on the Dubai Police stand at GITEX 2016 exposition, including advanced facial recognition technology that is able to identify and track people within the systems parameter.

An augmented reality (AR) solution and headset allows the user to receive real-time data on the person or object they are looking at.

A video content management (VCM) tool will also show how video feed can be automatically analyzed for criminal activity such as unauthorized intrusion and trespass detection, objects being left behind or people removing an object, which could be deployed to secure paintings at galleries and museums, for instance.

Additionally, an anti-drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) weapon will be on display that is designed to disable drones by firing electronic waves at unauthorized drones.

“Investing in information and communications technologies and related infrastructure, coupled with the formation of strategic partnerships with global leaders, such as Huawei, enables us to employ the best safe, smart cities solutions, and latest developments in communications networks and cloud services,” Dubai Police’s Commander-in-Chief Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina said.

“IoT, cloud computing, big data and other innovative technologies will bring greater improvements and happiness to our traditional way of life. Huawei is proud to be working with Dubai Police to develop a Safe City Innovation Center, where such technologies also become vital to safeguarding life and property,” said David Wang, CEO of Huawei UAE.

BT, Toshiba open quantum communication showcase in England

BT and Toshiba today opened the UK’s first secure quantum communication showcase at BT’s research and development center in Ipswich.

The showcase will allow the two companies to demonstrate quantum cryptography, which can be used to protect digital information transported within banks and financial services organizations from hacking.

Quantum cryptography is used to securely transfer confidential information, such as personal details, biometric data and bank statements, between a bank branch and an off-site data center.

“We’ve been conducting research into quantum cryptography for several years now so this is a great step forward in demonstrating how our research can benefit businesses,” BT’s Head of

Research Tim Whitley said. “Businesses and organizations today face a tide of ever increasing and highly sophisticated attacks from cyber criminals so ensuring the secure transfer of critical data is more important than ever. We’re confident that quantum cryptography will play an increasingly important role in helping companies guarantee that their secure communications remain water-tight in the future.”

BT and Toshiba Research Europe are also collaborating on project to build a quantum communication network in the UK, which will facilitate quantum secured communications between Cambridge, Bristol, London and BT’s Labs at Adastral Park.

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