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Senet expands LoRa-based IoT network to cover 10 new US metros

LPWAN provider Senet, based in Portsmouth, NH, today announced an expansion of its LoRA-based internet of things (IoT) network to 10 new major metropolitan markets in the United States.

With the addition, Senet’s network covers some 225 cities in 23 states with a population of 50 million people. Adding to its existing footprint in San Francisco, Boston and San Jose, Senet now covers Los Angeles, New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Seattle, San Diego, Atlanta and Denver.

Senet CEO and President George Dannecker said the company’s initial roll outs helped his team gain “the significant experience necessary to continue to grow the network and support the wide range of IoT applications that will be commercially deploying over the coming months and years.”

Target verticals for Senet include smart cities, smart buildings, precision agriculture, oil and gas, smart metering and asset management.

Senet is a member of the LoRa Alliance, which is dedicated to developing an international LPWAN standard around long-range, low bit rate networks. To achieve this Senet uses a combination of macro and micro cell infrastructure.

The company’s IoT modules, coupled with its network, can connect over a distance of around 15 miles with battery life in the 10-year range.



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