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Verizon IoT solution enables fleet tracking for landscaping company

Landscape companies often struggle to reconcile customers’ billable hours with employee labor hours – especially when using manual time cards to record the data. To improve billing accuracy, S&S Landscaping needed a way to document driver arrival and departure times at customer sites. They also wanted a better way to locate drivers in the field. Since installing Verizon Networkfleet’s GPS solution, the company can track their vehicles with precision, allowing them to automate much of the billing process while eliminating excessive calling to locate drivers, according to a Verizon Wireless case study.

Verizon IoT Networkfleet uses GPS to track assets

source: S&S Landscaping
source: S&S Landscaping

A Fargo, ND-based business, S&S Landscaping provides residential and commercial landscaping services. Their service fleet includes snow-moving payloaders, skid steers, dump trucks, tractors with snowblowers and three large semi trucks. S&S Landscaping selected Networkfleet for its GPS tracking and coverage as well as its geofence feature, which identifies when drivers arrive and how long they stay at specific locations.

Asset tracking means more accountability

Using geofences, or user-defined virtual boundaries placed around a location or landmark, has changed the company’s billing process while making drivers more accountable, according to Jill Huber, retail manager for S&S Landscaping.

“Geofences can illustrate the time of arrival, time of departure, and time spent on the job for each location,” Huber said. “By comparing geofence reports to driver time cards, we can accurately track driver hours, automate customer billing, reconcile driver/customer disagreements using reliable information documentation.”

Additional features, additional safety

Geofencing also assists S&S Landscaping with quality control. While working on a highway soil erosion project, for example, geofencing helped ensure the company serviced every drain.

source: Verizon
source: Verizon

“We realized we had skipped some drains because we could see where the vehicles had been,” Huber said. “This allowed us to go back and complete the job.”

Additionally, the company has found that its dispatchers rarely have to call drivers to determine their locations. This improves safety by eliminating the need for drivers to talk on their cell phones, and enables them to get to job sites faster.

And if a customer calls with a specific issue – to say their parking lot hasn’t been salted, for example – managers can verify when the driver was there and for how long.

“Thanks to geofencing, we now have timely billing and accurate documentation of jobs performed,” Huber said. “We no longer have to call to find lost vehicles, and our drivers get more work done in less time. Networkfleet has done exactly what we wanted it to do.”

Networkfleet benefits for geofencing

According to Verizon, Networkfleet’s geofencing capabilities, S&S Landscaping has:

  • Increased customer billing accuracy
  • Improved quality control and driver safety
  • Reduced fleet idle times
  • Increased driver accountability
  • Virtually eliminated phone calls to locate vehicles
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