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Fujitsu opens environment for internet of things testing

The new initiative will allow partners and customers to test internet of things applications at no cost

Japanese company Fujitsu has set up an environment at the firm’s Digital Transformation Center (DTC) in Tokyo, a co-creative workshop space for testing internet of things systems combining IoT-related products and services from Fujitsu and its partner companies.

Customers and application-development vendors can run connectivity tests on their applications at no cost, using the Fujitsu’s IoT Testing Environment. The firm added that customers and partner companies developing applications for the IoT can use this environment to test connectivity to prototype systems using real-world hardware without the need to provide their own cloud or network environment or sensor devices.

The Japanese company has also made available IoT Solution IoT Business Support Services to provide integrated support for the processes of planning, prototype testing, and then designing, building, and operating multivendor IoT systems.

“Fujitsu began organizing IoT co-creation workshops using design approach methods at the DTC, to help companies conceptualize ways to expand their businesses or streamline their operational processes through the IoT, and to carry out the measures needed to turn those concepts into reality,” the firm said in a release.

“Fujitsu conducts these workshops for companies that have already decided on goals for IoT, to help them achieve their goals more quickly, and provides integrated support services for planning, deploying, and operating total IoT solutions, which include everything from sensor devices to applications.”

Qualcomm launches new chips for IoT, embedded computing applications

In related news, US chip maker Qualcomm has commercially launched the Snapdragon 600E and 410E processors, for embedded applications in many verticals such as digital signage, set-top-boxes, medical imaging, point of sale systems, industrial robotics, and other Internet of Things (IoT) related applications.

Qualcomm said that the Snapdragon 600E and 410E are being made available globally by third party distributors, initially through Arrow Electronics.

“The Snapdragon 600E and 410E bring together some of our best connectivity and compute technologies to meet the needs for a large range of embedded and IoT applications,” said Raj Talluri, SVP product management, Qualcomm Technologies.


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