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SK Telecom, Samsung trial handover between mmWave 5G base stations

The two Korean firms developed a millimeter wave 5G system in August 2015

Korean telecommunications operator SK Telecom, together with Samsung Electronics, has successfully tested handover between 5G base stations at 28 GHz in the outdoor environment.  

SK Telecom and Samsung claimed to be the world’s first to verify the performance of the 5G handover technology by connecting multiple millimeter wave base station systems to the operator’s fiber optic infrastructure.

Handover between millimeter wave 5G base stations is a technology that supports Gbps-level wireless communications anywhere, anytime, the Korean telco said.

SK Telecom and Samsung Electronics built a millimeter wave 5G system in August 2015, and successfully tested the performance of the 5G system at 28 GHz in the outdoor environment in March 2016.

Also, the two Korean firms have successfully demonstrated full HD video calling as well as UHD video streaming over millimeter wave 5G system.

“By securing the millimeter wave handover technology – which enables users to experience seamless provision of 5G services while on the move in a wide area – the two companies are now one step closer to a basis for realizing pre-5G and 5G services,” said Park Jin-hyo, Senior Vice President and Head of Network R&D Center of SK Telecom.

“Through our demonstration of handover between mmWave 5G base stations, we have realized a network environment that is the closest by far to the real 5G network to be created in the future,” Samsung Electronics’ EVP and Head of Next-Generation Business Team, Cheun Kyung-whoon, said.

ZTE releases new Pre5G MIMO solution

In related news, Chinese vendor ZTE has released its latest Pre5G Massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) 2.0 solution.

The vendor said that this new product focuses on solving the problems of mobile-traffic demand surge, as well as spectrum and site resource limits.

ZTE has already started Pre5G network deployment for more than 20 operators in China and other countries. In the 5G/Pre5G field, ZTE has also started cooperation with many operators such as China Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile, Japan Softbank, South Korea KT, Malaysia U Mobile, and Hutchison Drei Austria.


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