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Teradata analytics database easily deployed on leading clouds

Teradata analytics easily transferable to leading clouds

Teradata today announced Teradata Everywhere at its PARTNERS 2016 conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Teradata Everywhere brings the massively parallel processing (MPP) analytics database to multiple public clouds, managed cloud and on-premises environments including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Teradata Managed Cloud, VMware virtualization software and the Teradata IntelliFlex platform.

source: Teradata
source: Teradata

Teradata Everywhere allows companies to implement a hybrid architecture with a common database that enables shifting of workloads between environments as business needs evolve, supporting a company’s changing deployment strategy and economic needs.

Teradata is making some key changes to its database. The newest MAPS architecture will provide the elasticity required to expand or shrink a Teradata data warehouse to scale alongside changing business needs.  MAPS will also provide higher concurrency and more consistent performance of tactical queries, according to the company.  Additionally, the Teradata Database’s Adaptive Optimizer will automatically adjust to its host environment to provide the most efficient query plans, query execution and system utilization.

“It’s all about customer choice without sacrifice.  Companies need their data and analytic environment to be agile, multi-faceted and flexible,” said Oliver Ratzesberger, executive vice president and chief product officer at Teradata. “Teradata Everywhere means that the exact same Teradata Database can be deployed on-premises and in the cloud.  Regardless of the combination, Teradata is leading the industry in delivering this capability.  Companies can concentrate their energy on running analytics to improve their business rather than engineering compatibility between their environments.”

Randy Lea, vice president of business analytics and consulting at Teradata
Randy Lea, vice president of business analytics and consulting at Teradata

An analytics database across multiple platforms

Teradata Database is the first MPP analytic database that is customizable across multiple public clouds, managed cloud, VMware virtualization and purpose-built appliances.  Teradata Everywhere brings Teradata performance to these popular data systems:

Amazon Web Services

Teradata Database is currently available on AWS Marketplace in a dozen geographic regions around the world, and is now available in a massively parallel processing configuration, scalable up to 32 nodes.  The latest iteration of Teradata Database on AWS includes performance, reliability and convenience updates including:

  • automatic node failure recovery
  • backup, restore, and querying of data in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • one-click deployment automation via software ecosystem launch templates.

Teradata Database on AWS is available now in all regions except AWS GovCloud, South America, and China.

Teradata Database on Microsoft Azure

Teradata Database will be available for the first time on Microsoft Azure Marketplace, giving customers the choice of full Teradata Database capabilities on-demand and on a pay-as-you-go basis.  Coming soon to Azure Marketplace, Teradata Database on Azure will offer full features and a massively parallel processing configuration, scalable to up to 32 nodes, similar to the integration is has on Amazon. Teradata Database on Azure is targeted to be available in most regions in Q4, 2016, except Iowa, Virginia, West India and China.

Teradata Managed Cloud in Germany

The Teradata Database is now available in the Teradata Managed Cloud in Europe, hosted on data center infrastructure in Germany with target availability in Europe is Q3, 2016.

Teradata Database on VMware

Teradata Virtual Machine Edition (TVME) delivers the full-featured Teradata Database in a preconfigured, ready-to-run virtual machine image for any company’s VMware environment.  Companies can utilize their existing virtualization infrastructure to deploy a Teradata data warehouse on up to 32 virtual nodes.  TVME comes with flexible licensing terms which allow companies to scale configurations up or down as requirements change, even employing multiple instances for special purposes such as test or development.  It is expected to be available is Q3 of 2016.

Teradata Database on IntelliFlex

Teradata Database takes full advantage of Teradata’s next-generation IntelliFlex platform that offers independent scaling of processing power and storage capacity, advanced in-memory computing and reduced downtime for system expansions.  Teradata’s cutting-edge platform will be further enhanced with even more powerful features:

  • 2x performance density with up to 12 nodes per cabinet
  • 2x memory with up to 1TB per node
  • All SSD configurations for maximum query responsiveness

IntelliFlex is available now, with new features targeted for Q4, 2016.

“Having the same Teradata Database with the same capabilities and SQL in our on-premises IDW and in the Teradata Managed Cloud gives us a live test system which also serves as an off-site disaster recovery system without using any data center floor space or management resources,” said Brian Tournier, director of BI technology and infrastructure at Meredith Corporation. “Adding the same Teradata Database in the public cloud to our mix would give us the perfect hybrid environment to cost-effectively handle peak loads or unexpected new applications without budgeting for excess capacity.”

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