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Huawei details progress of developer program

Huawei outlined its developer strategy and detailed the progress the company has made with its developer program.

The developer program Huawei launched in October 2015 still has a long way to go to reach its target of rallying one million developers by 2020, but it is making progress. Indeed, the number of developers engaged in the program has grown from 2,000 at launch to more than 25,000 today. Additionally, over 500 projects have been delivered, joint marketing has been conducted with more than 8,000 partners and partner sales of $300 million have been made, Ryan Ding, president of Products and Solutions at Huawei, revealed at Huawei’s global conference Huawei Connect 2016 in Shanghai on Friday. Huawei’s developer program aims to enable more rapid innovation and large-scale commercial deployment of applications.

Huawei has already invested $300 million of the total $1 billion it plans to invest over the next five years to attract developers. A total of $200 million was spent on building an open enablement platform and another $100 million on creating a global marketing platform. Access to Huawei’s global marketing platform means access to 24 carriers in 15 countries and 40 million paid users.

One of the missing pieces of the developer program puzzle is an IT platform enabling developers to communicate directly with Huawei’s R&D staff, in the same way other partners already can. Ding said Huawei’s goal was to establish such a platform this year.

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