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Huawei adds communication platform to its safe city solutions

Huawei is expanding its safe city solutions suite with the launch of a new safe city integrated communication platform.

Chinese ICT vendor Huawei has presented a new integrated communication platform part of its safe city solutions suite, which aims at enabling fast response from first responder departments including police and security agencies. The safe city solutions platform can pick up alerts from various channels via social media and connected devices and also access videos. According to Huawei, the platform solves the problem of different agencies using incompatible technologies and networks. “In today’s digital economy, a variety of new security threats have emerged. We need to evolve from building urban security systems to enhancing collaborative public security. We must keep pace with rapid societal and technological changes, and improve security arrangements for inter-agency collaboration as well as deepen police-public cooperation,” said Khoo Boon Hui, a former president of Interpol and retired Commissioner of the Singapore Police.

Huawei Safe City solutions, which provide visualization of information and coordination of multiple agencies and resources, have been deployed in more than 100 cities in 30 countries, Huawei said.

Analyst firm HIS Research expects global investment in public security to increase to $8 billion by 2019.

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