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Orion and SemperCon team for real-time IIoT fleet management

IIoT solutions for fleet management

Orion Fleet Intelligence is an American fleet monitoring company with offerings designed to make fleet transportation more efficient, compliant and safe. For six years, Orion teamed with SemperCon, an app development company, to help it manage the backend development and integration of its IIoT solution.

source: Orion
source: Orion

According to the fleet management company,  SemperCon’s support, Orion’s business analysts and support specialists teamed to:

  • Deliver tailored solutions and customer support
  • Agilely respond to customers’ product requests and quickly introduce new features
  • Constantly improve product-service value for customers

“We needed a capable and flexible development partner to help us support and grow our Fleet Intelligence application,” Cross-Functional Business Executive and former CEO of Orion A.J. Kait said. “SemperCon has proven to be a technically strong and reliable long term partner for our company.”

How it happened

To get the IoT-enabled fleet ready, Orion had to install hardware devices on customer’s vehicles. That allowed for the collection and organization of data generated by the devices, and presented it to customers using an SaaS reporting and analysis platform that enables real time fleet vehicle tracking, safety and operations management.

source: Orion
source: Orion

According to Orion, SemperCon’s team of engineers supported the fleet management company in three main ways:

  • Real time fleet tracking and alerts. The CalAmp hardware device that is at the center of Orion’s Industrial IIoT solution contains a GPS and cellular data modem, and transmits information on fleet vehicles’ locations in real time. SemperCon not only supported Orion in determining and optimizing the integration requirements of their physical hardware, but also managing the immense amount of data Orion’s IIoT devices collect. Then, SemperCon’s engineers developed a solution that enables real-time location display and processing of high-concern incident alerts.
  • Daily incident reporting. Orion quickly learned that its clients run the risk of being overwhelmed by fragmented incident data. Thus, SemperCon helped Orion develop both an overnight reporting engine that processes summary reports in batches, and a configuration system used that maps the relationships of devices-to-reports-to-users.
  • Long term, scalable development partner. SemperCon worked closely with Orion’s product team to assess customers’ product requests and rapidly respond to their evolving needs. This allowed Orion to field meaningful new capabilities to its customers in very short time-frames, often in less than one week.

Here are the steps it took for SemperCon to help assist Orion and make its vision a reality.

Collaborative development: SemperCon assisted Orion in translating their product vision to each customers’ own solution by determining technical requirements and then proposing user interface screens.

IIoT Integration: SemperCon and Orion integrated hardware devices into the IIoT system and enabling users to make sense of the data being generated.

Web development: It also developed the web application and processing engines that allow the data collected from IIoT devices to be stored, accessed, analyzed and reported on.

The fleet management business is a competitive market that requires differentiation from other products. Orion, with the help of SemperCon and IIoT devices, was able to do this by implementing a real-time fleet tracking product with a monitoring portal and alert engine that could agilely respond to customer’s requests.

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