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Intel and GE CEOs discuss industrial IoT

Intel devices will use GE Predix industrial IoT cloud platform for smart manufacturing

During the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich was joined on stage by GE CEO Jeff Immelt to discuss how the companies are working together to develop industrial IoT (internet of things) solutions for use in GE’s manufacturing facilities.

The ultimate goal is to use GE’s Predix industrial IoT software platform on certain Intel products. As a first step, Intel is introducing Predix in its semicondutor plant in Octillo, Arizona. According to the companies, “Intel’s ultimate goal is to utilize Predix on top of its own internal software and develop a joint offering with GE to streamline its fab processes around the world. GE will then roll out the solutions to GE’s more than 400 factories globally. The two companies also plan to sell a joint offering to other manufacturers that want to optimize their operations.”

“We want to embed Predix on every single Intel device, so that as they sell those devices, they’re selling Predix, and the customer just has to activate it,” Denzil Samuels, Global Head of Channels, Alliances, Business Development and Ventures, GE Digital, said.

In a GE gas turbine factory in South Carolina, Intel sensors support smart light fixtures, which workers use to measure temperature near turbine collars “allowing factory workers to know when the part is cool enough to safely add the next rotor. By avoiding defects and eliminating the need to re-work parts, GE believes this new system can save the company hundreds of thousands of dollars,” according to GE.

“GE and Intel are working together on a number of initiatives – including making manufacturing facilities more smart and connected,” Krzanich said.

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